How to Build + Share Your Story To Increase Your Reach, Revenue, & Impact SKU: 176093

Public Relations Strategist Brittney Lynn and Journalist Alli Hoff Kosik share their expertise in how to better partner with the press and media to get more exposure for your small business in this bundle of online trainings.

If you're ready to increase website traffic to your site, skyrocket your sales, and land your dream media mention, this is the training was designed just for you.

Let me ask you: Have you ever had the following questions pop into your head?

  • How do people land these spots in Brit+Co, HuffPost, and Inc?​
  • Why do some small businesses seem to get all the attention while others fade to the background?
  • What is it that makes certain business owners experts and others white noise?

You dream of becoming known as an expert in your industry, but you aren’t quite sure how to start getting mentioned on big publications such as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co, and Bustle or how to land podcast interviews or guest posts on sites that your audience reads.

The fact is this: we live in a media-driven world, and having a strong strategy around securing media for the amazing products and/or services that you have to offer is going to translate into increased visibility and — of course — revenue.

We’re here to help you learn the basics of developing this strategy so you can work effectively with the press and share your story with the world.

One part PR whiz and one part freelance writer, we've seen this process from both sides, and we’ve created these online trainings to help take the insecurities and awkwardness out of the press/publicity relationship so you know exactly how to craft the story of your business,  how to develop authentic relationships with journalists, what, when, and how to pitch.

Here's what you get when you register:

  • Lifetime access to 3, 1-hour long webinars:
    • How To Find + Share The Story of Your Business
    • Why You Need To Cultivate Authentic Relationships with Journalists + How To Get Started
    • How To Pitch Irresistible Stories to Journalists

Additional items you get access to:

  • An extensive interactive 2 hours webinar featuring in-depth examples of brands who have nailed their brand's story and earn more money.
  • Q&A with Brittney & Alli where you can ask any questions related to PR, pitching to journalists, story & message development, podcast pitching, and more.
  • A workbook that walks you through each webinar and the steps you need to take to start pitching your brand to journalists.
  • List of easily accessible tools that helps shorten the time needed to hone and implement your press strategy.
  • A proven email pitch template to send to journalists to get your business featured.
  • If you’re ready to start becoming known as an expert in your industry and want to start sharing your brand's story with the world, these are the trainings that will get you where you want to be.


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